Friday, October 24, 2008

Quark 09: Technical Renaissance

BITS Pilani, Goa Campus is going to have its awesome technical fest Quark 09 from Feb 7-9 2009 and I guess its much much better a topic that to talk about one more annoying movie I watched, which have been many since Love Story 2050. Anyways, Quark is going to be much bigger and better this time. Also the tag line for Quark 09 is Technical Renaissance, which I believe absolutely reflects what Quark is all about.. Also, someone stole my precious little dictionary, so I still don't know what it means. So anyway, check out the Quark website. Its really great, and has everything you wanna know about Quark.

Also, the mascot for Quark this time is this picture on the right. I don't know its name yet, but its hovering like that girl robot Eva from Wall-E.
But I'm sure this one's a boy.
No, I didn't look to confirm.
No, its not mine. I'm human for God's sake! I don't even like robots that much!

So Quark has all these exciting events with really cool sounding names lined up for all people of all races (
Punjabis too) and colors (blacks too):

  1. Mechagi: The category with all the Junkyard Wars and Popular Mechanics stuff. And you can expect better looking hosts.*
  2. Programmers Inc: Some great stuff to do with coding and hacking. the winners get to assist me on my next CIA adventure.**
  3. Chemicon: There's this rocket propulsion thing with water, then there's one more cool thing with water, then there's something with lots of chemicals in a factory.***
  4. Corporate: Regarding your managerial skills and some more load of crap you keep in your brains. But it is still interesting. Come on, when do you ever get to show how well you can pretend to do nothing?
  5. Electryst: Your tryst with electricity, and all things 'shock'ing. And there will be some really hot chicks too, so come.****
  6. Elixir: Everything that didn't fit anywhere else is in this group. Increases the cool quotient a 'lot' from Micelaneous, doesn't it? The events are really interesting though.*****
  7. Roboficial: Its got all the robots. The more 'world destroying' robot you make, the better chances you have of winning. But you can't use conventional fuel or nuclear energy to power it. Its harmful to the environment. There's some bomb thing also, but I don't think you're allowed to take the RDX back with you. Some terrorism thing. A bunch of crap if you ask me. And no, we don't have Hello Kittys.******

Also, there's Aurora, when really really cool stuff happens at night. Last time Athens Olympics performers, Feeding the Fish came. Best night ever.

Now for the serious part Quark's got all these Special events which have been put up under another innovative and eye catching name,

  1. Matka: Its got all the game tournaments for people who think they are too cool. There's Counter-Strike, World of Warcraft, Age of Conquerors, Need for Speed, FIFA and DOTA. There's no Max Payne, so I'm not participating. But you should, I'm a dork.
  2. Open Showcase: Here you can show all the quirky and exciting stuff you've got. The event promises to draw huge crowds even though there are no naked chicks. That is some promising.
  3. Paper Presentation: You can present a paper on any topic you've written on. You can't present on 'Nothing'. Believe me, I tried last time.
  4. Biz Wizards: This one promises to polish your non existent money making skills. Meet me at Food Court after this.
  5. Googly: I didn't just remove an 'e' from Google and put a 'y'. It really is a very exciting event. I swear.

There's also School Bag,
Su|do|ku and Techno Whiz, which are all as exciting as the others, perhaps even more. But my hands are aching now.

So in short, its going to be just great.
Every one's invited (Check your mail or college notice board to see if you've been invited). We're gonna have lots of fun, and we can make all the stuff that's going to save mankind later! Except maybe that Bomb thing. And that Chemical thing also.

Now, for real information on Quark, go to the official website. Don't trust me for information. Seriously.

* Maybe.

** Kidding. Why would I need any help? Mad or what?

***Bring your own water.^

****Could you do us a favour and bring some hot chicks?

*****I screwed up "Micelaneous" again, didn't I? Man I gotta get my dictionary back!

****** OK, now I'm just bored.

^ I'm joking. We'll give you the water.^^

^^ Don't count on it. I don't know.