Thursday, December 18, 2008

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

First of all, the actress was gorgeous in every frame, SRK looked like an ass in the whole movie and I don't know why Vinay Pathak needed to be there unless it was from shitloads of money. The movie, movie was good. Not awesome, but worth watching with someone - preferably with a girl, and definitely not with Sridhar cause he would've killed a nice movie.

And I still don't understand what is it with me and people making out in the theatre! There has to be someone like that whenever I'm in the hall!!

Anyway, the movie was nice. After the first 15 minutes or so you kinda figure out what's gonna happen but then I guess that's not what the movie is about. Its about this guy Surinder Sahni getting married to this girl Taani suddenly when the guy she's supposed to marry dies and then him making her fall in love with him, which, is the point of the movie. Phew...

The movie started good, and for a while it was all nice but then SRK started singing Haule Haule because his wife gave him a yellow tiffin for work and people started making out in the theatre. But it kinda did turn out for good because the heroine then started smiling a little more and MAN does she look beautiful!! There's isn't one second in the movie in which Anushka Sharma doesn't look like an angel. Anyway, then she starts dancing and though she looked awesome in tracks too, the movie becomes somewhat unrealistic. SRK develops this alternate personality called Raj with Vinay Pathak's help to see how happy she is and then accidently becomes her dance partner. He makes her laugh and tries to do crazy shit. Of course, he can't dance. And that is how you make crap out of a perfectly believable story. Of course, they also try to pull a Dhoom 2 with all the same music, same stunts and of all the people, Abhishek's bike.

This is also the time when you accept that no matter how good this movie can be, its never going to be great. There's this song in which many stars make an appearance and this is the song which makes this movie so f**kin ordinary. The movie loses all of its originality and becomes crap. And then remains crap for some time. I guess you stop making great movies when you needlessly try to up it with fake stuff when the original is doing so good.

So anyway, good stuff and bad stuff happens for some 1 more hour which involves Anushka Sharma still looking beautiful and movie still overdoing itself. In the end she ends up with the Surinder Sahni version which everyone knew was going to happen. If you have a Sridhar near you, he'll start telling you why they ended it with the Surinder Sahni version holding the girl and he'll be right.

Inspite of all the screw ups, the movie turns out nice and makes you feel happy. And I know I've said it enough for one article now, but Anushka Sharma looks awesome. And I know I haven't said it enough for one article, SRK is an ass.

Go watch the movie. Its good.

PS1: Stay till the end credits. This last part is funny. Everyone who stood up to go out stayed for this part.

PS2: Someone hit my car really bad from behind while I was returning after someone hit that car from behind. I'm fine by the way. I kept that as my status message for 1 day and NO ONE asked me how I was! Thank You.