Friday, March 13, 2009

Jat Learns to Photoshop(JLTP) Part-2

Well I just woke up from the most amazing three nights of my life, called Waves 2009. I wanna write a big one about Waves, but my extraordinary self is too tired from all the work I did for Waves. Anyway, I'll write something about something soon. For the mean time, here's a little more Photoshop for you:

This is the first 3D effect I tried. Pretty masculine? Pretty or masculine? :P

Then I tried to write my name. I thought It'd be like writing your name in snow, you know how, but it wasn't.

This wasn't either. But hell, I like photoshop!

This is my favorite one. Also, I have a pair of shoes just like this one :)

This is a poster I made for The Dramatics Club in Waves 2009. This is also the one I never got to see because some people think that the best way to attract people to an event is to put up the posters in places where they'll never go.

I'm not particularly fond of this one I made for the same people but hell, I like what I ended up doing with the spotlights.

So, paleej comment if you like anything, or nothing.