Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Jat Learns to Photoshop (JLTP)

There's almost nothing that's happened over the last few days that I feel like writing about, so this post is just about the pics. Also I will most probably write something about Waves 2009 later. Waves 2009, as you may have already gathered from the link on your right, is one awesome cultural festival of BITS, Pilani - Goa Campus!!! And if you haven't checked the link out, what the hell are you waiting for??? Its awesome. And its in Goa!! To get motivated to click on the link, think of it as a good free porn link if you will...

...Anyway, here are some links regarding WAVES 2009, check'em out plzzzzz. You do know that I can now monitor where you go from this page using that awesome new thing I added down on the left, don't you? Weirdly, it shows I am from Palo Alto, but still...I FIND you, and then I KEEL you! Anyway, here's a link to Waves' official Facebook page. Check this one out too...

Waves' Facebook Page

And here's the official website...

Waves' Website

Now, I recently started spending quite a few hours on Photoshop, thanks to some really good links Rash posted on his blog.(I'm not going to give you his link because he's already got like 100 times more hits than me, and real links actually come up when you google him, unlike me). So, this is what I've been able to do till now:

I'm calling going to call this one Captian Jack Sparrow.

This one has been christened Weird Dog-Bird Thingy.

This is a Retro themed poster of Anushka Sharma. That awesome guy on left is me. I probably don't look as good, but that's because Anushka Sharma is AWESOME. I look pretty good otherwise. I'm guessing.

So that's it for this post. Be careful while going out.