Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sorry Shaktiman!

Yeah, that's what you say after you kick someone hard on his ass.

I don't even know why we were fighting. I mean why they were fighting. I was just sitting on the stadium seats occasionally saying 'Sorry Shaktiman' out aloud when Shaktiman yelled a little louder.
I actually truly felt sorry for that guy. First, the newbie came alone. Punjabi amatuer bechara. Jordan and Leel-e-Illahi had the time of their life.
He was actually crying, " Ji main to bas nyun kehen lag rahya tha ke baatcheet te bhi samasya hal ho jaavaigi. Aap to bina baat ke maran laggay!"
Leel stopped. "Yaar ya baat pehle kyun na kahi? Bina baat ke pitgya... Sorry yaar Shaktiman!"

He kicked again...

That big Punjabi fool, instead of dashing out of the stadium, kept on running on that 400m track of the stadium to get away from the guys. Haryana could've won many medals in crappy races if he'd still have legs. We crippled SHAKTIMAN!

Finally, when Shaktiman discovered the magical gate that led out of Narnia and ran away, Jordi was left shouting,

" Re bawlibooch, yo teri bebe ke Sakooty nain ke tera bataeu tha ke le jya ga?"

Seriously, even real Shaktiman couldn't be that entertaining! Even Hooda, dragging his bike on the way back and saying 'Sorry Uncle' innocently to people passing by for his breathtaking speeds couldn't top that!
P.S. Shaktiman's one shoe now hangs on the truck which says 'Phir Milenge' on the back and goes Rohtak-Delhi-Jaipur-Ahemdabad-Mumbai.

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